Felipe Mansilla – “Subterranio”

Wavey dubstep contact flow from Felipe Mansilla.  He is currently celebrating a great day on facebook because many people are responding to his recent video post. He writes in the chat:

i remember
one day i saw mom
and i say
one day i will be there
i remember that in this moment
aragorn talk to me today
and say that he saw moving with emotion
and that i break the technique and touch something that many jugglers are looking for
and became a state of mind


Check out his youtube profile here

6 thoughts on “Felipe Mansilla – “Subterranio””

  1. I watch MoM about 2 years. And I hope that sometime one of my videos will be here in Mom blog! This is my wish too…

  2. Wena Pelao. te ganaste tu espacio felicitaciones!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hermano esta buenísimo el vídeo y quedo filete la edición. un abrazo.
    see you later

  3. Muy bueno el vídeo. La verdad que ya conocía tu trabajo, creo que todos o la gran mayoría de los que vemos MOM es nuestro sueño que nos suban un vídeo, espero que estés muy feliz.
    Buena Vibra, Éxitos y Felicitaciones.

  4. very cool video, i juggle myself quite a bit, im sill a beginner and definetly will use a teacher or coach…. :/ where can you find those?

    you can see some videos i made 🙂


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