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ernst_montego_1997.jpgIf theres a gene for Juggling, its strong in the Brunn family. From Big Sky Film Festival:
Dance of Sisyphus
86 minutes, 2003 Super 16mm, Germany
By Bert Schmidt
“Ernest Montego, born Ernst Kuhn in Aschaffenburg, Germany in 1936, has been a juggler for over 50 years…. As a twelve year old, he went to the cinema and saw the duo Francis and Lottie Brunn in the Bavaria film “Tonelli” – and decided that juggling would be his future. What he didn’t realize at the time was that his choice of career was actually influenced by his own half-brother and -sister, an internationally famous juggling team who had made a name for themselves in the USA with the greatest circus in the world: “Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey”. A quarter of a century after that decisive visit to the cinema, Ernest Montego, now a master juggler himself, finally met his half-brother and in Las Vegas….”

Has anyone seen this documetary, or know where we can get a copy? Link to strandfilm the film producers site in German > scroll down to 2003.

Montego (pictured above) performed in a similiar way to Brunn – high skill, big balls and mouth sticks. I can only find one video of Montego online, here are 2 links to the same video – that sword opening is fantastic:

Ernest Montego is listed for 10 rings in 1957. his act finish you will see on the .mov above, is basically the Brunn finish… on a unicycle!

Another link to a vhs, scroll down to Hollywood Pallace Volume 1 ita a video vhs of a brunn performance from 1964 availiable to buy on VHS in the states for $14. Has anyone seen this and can give us a review?

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  1. David Cain Writes:
    I just finished watching the Ernest Montego documentary “Dance of Sisyphos”. It was amazing – the best film about juggling or a juggler I’ve ever seen. Tons of incredible rare footage of Ernest, Francis, and Lottie. Ernest sent me it as well as another DVD of his performances throughout the years. You had asked if anyone had seen the documentary, and now I have!

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