Emiliano Alessi – Club Manipulation and Dance

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Emiliano Alessi has made a video clearly showing off his beautiful combination of juggling and dance. Great shapes and he still has a keen sense of manipulation and how to make it interesting. I love it lots.

5 thoughts on “Emiliano Alessi – Club Manipulation and Dance”

  1. …honestly…sure-looks great…but nearly the same style i have seen 5 years ago from another guy…anyway , nice….

  2. beautiful. Didn’t like the editing, and the video was very choppy, not sure if that was just the streaming.
    Still very interesting, and engaging

  3. Pretty impressive but also didn’t like the editing. It is all well and good for an advert but really seeing the work, not so much. Would have loved to have seen exactly how each moved flowed from one to the next.

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