Em in Iglesias – Multiball Contact Juggling

So many good things…..
11 years ago in London, 3 Contact Jugglers inspired me to start Multiball Contact Juggling: Em, Dimitri and Doug.
Here are 2 new videos from Em… after watching this clip, I think you can understand why.

Em will be running a workshop at the Sardinia Juggling Convention Moon will also be there, it looks like an amazing event – the rest of MoM are sad to miss it.
One more video after the fold.

Make sure that you watch the last 1.5 minutes of this clip, the 1 ball with the following hand is beautiful.

YouTube – Em playing in Iglesias – Andrea version

6 thoughts on “Em in Iglesias – Multiball Contact Juggling”

  1. 🙂 really good job Em..it will be a pleasure to meet you in Sardinia ^^
    I hope we can do a video together ^^


  2. Hi there folks.

    I am ver new to CJ-ing and Multiball palmspinning.
    The thing is, where can i find some good tutorials for total rookies.
    The movies are awesome and they give me good moral .
    But its hard to find beginner tutorials where people go SLOOOOOW for slow learners as me * blush *
    The problem i am allso running in to , is my option to order the books since i lack a creditcard , neighter do i know anyone that has one .
    Could someone please direct me to some cool 2ball tutorials on palmspinning ?
    Thanks in advance

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