Elias Hedlund – VSNBT MNPLTN SRS

This video of Elais Heldund from the hyper-arty VSNBT MNPLTN SRS doing crazy manipulation with 1 – 4 clubs is one of my favorite online juggling videos ever.
Director / producer Oskar Wrangö carefully crafted a visual style and juxtaposition of action/non-action that really makes the juggling stand out; its introspective and moody and everything else I love about VISIONBOT. The first 3 parts of VSNBT MNPLTN SRS are now available on Vimeo.

5 thoughts on “Elias Hedlund – VSNBT MNPLTN SRS”

  1. I don’t seee the point of the video, all the things that he has done are easy to do, with nothing really interesting that could captivate people.

  2. see thats what is fascinating to me! I see a lot of complexity in his work; but I’ve had a similar discussion with other jugglers who see the whole series as simplistic.

    Anyone else’s thoughts? As i said; its one of my favorite videos so I’m willing to defend it. His style (in my eyes) is mesmerizing; check out his downloadable video ‘I think all you scientists are crackpots’ for even more madness. His speed control is great, his lines are clean (except the 4 clubs.. a little messy perhaps), the sequences are well thought out and his style is so relaxed.

    Admittedly; its basically 8 minutes of video with about 1 min of juggling; so its not for anyone looking for a thrill.

  3. great concept video, I love the scenery and ideas..
    his style is definately unique from what I’ve seen, and
    I think this kind of juggling you have to be experimenting with yourself to really get the full appreciation/enjoyment out of what is being done.. my favorite parts are when he is lying in the middle of the floating raft, and the huge nasty floating water sausage..

  4. I like it too.
    I think that where people get hung up on is the concept that they must be tossed… To me, this is where the beauty is. It’s the clean tosses and full realization of each throw. I think if you can look past the fact that they’re not traditional tosses, but variations on themes, then you can really appreciate how Elias is taking advantage of cinematography too highlight the objects in space in motion. Not only that, he’s good. Look at how clean everything is. We know what lines he’s creating. And don’t tell me that ain’t damn hard.

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