EJC DVD Review

ejcover.jpgShort Review: Buy it.

Longer Review:
Buy it, it’s brilliant.
Lots of atmosphere, lots of high skills in both juggling and manipulation, lots of fun, lots of shows, lots of ideas, high quality filming, great editing and 4 hours long (2 disks). Totally raised our expectations of how good an event DVD can be, best EJC video ever. If you are into Juggling or Manipulation I recommend this for your Christmas wish list.
Computer game style review: 97.2%
Enjoy watching these 2 online 2 sample clips.
You can buy it online at juggling.tv for £16 + p+p.
Howie and Jen made it Howie Bailey – video PRODUCTION.

Phew, got through the whole post without mentioning PEGS!

One thought on “EJC DVD Review”

  1. only downside is they cut bits out of morgan and stefan sings routines. (Probably to fit the loads of other stuff they fit on the dvd onto the dvd.)

    But apart from that: AWESOME!

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