EJC 2005 Ptuj Contact Video by Bafien

Mr OM EJC PtujA convention video from EJC Ptuj last year: Ptuj “Special Contact” Thanks to Bafien56 for producing and sharing this.
It’s difficult for me to make out all the players in this video, but as with every EJC theres clearly a huge amount of talent:

Opening shot, I don’t know for sure, but the style looks like a brit I met at bristol. The Guy Trayspinning at 2:00 is Matt from London. Legend of multiball and body rolling, the awesome Mr Om, doing an 8 ball torpedo at 2:50 then 1 ball at 3:30.

Who’s the performer playing contact to a BIG street crowd at 5:00, looks a lot like one ball Paul to me. and as a finalie, 3 of europes contact finest: Dafne (6:00), Bruno (6:10) and Kelvin (the machine – You know he can still do that move with 2 balls swapping from his elbows whilst drunk at 3am, he’s incredible).

Via Jongle.net.
Enjoy, Drew

4 thoughts on “EJC 2005 Ptuj Contact Video by Bafien”

  1. How can we see this vid…?
    That’s right the link is dead, and I didn’t find it on jongle.net : (
    Thanks for help !


  2. Sorry, I’ve had the link a month or 2 before I posted it seems dead now, if anyone knows how to contact bafien56 or where to get this video, please tell us. Drew

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