7 thoughts on “Eimhin – INJUCO Gala show”

  1. This is not good enough. This guy needs to exercise heaps and get a grip on his music choice….

  2. He doesn’t respond to the music, he doesn’t catch all the music.
    He don’t have a lot of moves. He makes the same stuff for 6 minutes.
    The people who want to learn about street styles, need to learn the history of the streetdance first, know the pioners and understand the real sense of this form to dance.
    Hugs from Chile guys!

  3. This is Eimhin after only a couple of years of dance and serious body movement explorations… and for me is already more interesting that almost every dance video on youtube. If he keeps going at this rate we’ll have a monster on our hands in no time 🙂

    As far as I know he was given the music just before the performance too

    as for street styles, i think its time for a new approach, the body as an instrument to be explored, take from as many sources of inspiration as you want

  4. I’m agree with you Ronopotamus, I’m a fan of the exploration and experimentation in Juggling and body movements.
    I’m not saying if Eimhin it’s bad or good dancer, and i don’t have doubt he will be a great dancer.
    But, unfortunately, he is not making something new, the style already exist, and there is a lot of people dancing the street styles and searching for new stuff. But you can’t be a Dalì if you don’t know how to paint and know the history of art. If you want to break the structure, you must to know the structure, first.
    In dance, i think it’s not necesary know the music before, when i go to a party to dance, i don’t know the music before, but i can dance, it’s just feeling, very simple.
    Maybe, if you watch the video without the music, it’s more interesting than watch the video with music, cause the music have more energy than the dancer.
    Yesterday i found this video:
    I don’t like a lot, but he’s making something new, and that’s i like a lot, it’s really really interesting.
    Peace, guys!

  5. Thanks for your comments, I can see that you guys are racing…we’re friends here people, living together and learning from each other and going with the flow, life brings ups and downs and sickness and health and through it all we do what we do because we love it, we share it because we love it and we support each other.

    I don’t want to be ‘best’ or ‘new’. There’s nothing new under the sun they say. I remember a quote from that dance video collaborations “We all just manifestin sh*t from different times” I am most happy to learn what I learn from whom I learn it valuing the impersonality of being and things found therein . The will to be different, to be new, and to appropriate that difference/newness as something to which I can identify with is not my will, I am same first, difference is my own error and responsibility. I have not got that thirst.

    And if there are no two things same, then all is new, and all is different,
    One day the eye will open and this cease.

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