Earl “Snakehips” Tucker

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This is a clip from the 1930 film Crazy house, it’s even in colour. It’s a dancer called Earl “Snakehips” Dancing an eccentric style of dance called “Snakehips”, with roots in the Vernacular Jazz Dancing of the era.

Drop me off in Harlem site with info about Tucker.

Dave Elsewhere (you know the guy off that crazy robot dancing video – Kollaboration and Detours Video Project) Lists Snakehips Tucker as one of his big influences, you can wack Elesewhere repeat some of Snakehips movements.
Elsewhere is amazing in his physical movement, and is a Ministry favorite (Why the hell haven’t we blogged him yet?), Snakehips tucker kicks the Doo-doo Out of Elsehere. Snakehips has Got Musicality – which you can see in this clip, something which sadly Elsewhere has never shown on a clip I’ve seen of him, Snakehips had sex appeal (he was a real hit with the ladies) and if I remember correctly Snakehips died young when he was shot – For doing the horizontal snakehips with some other guys lady. There’s surely no more cool way to die!

So this week I’m ignoring Ryan’s posting of Jazz hands, and posting videos of REAL Vernacular Jazz Dancing. I’m not a big fan of “Modern Jazz Dance”, But I love my, Charleston, blues, Swing/Lindy hop and a lot of the Old styles of Jazz dance. Bring it on.

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  1. that was incredible, Drew. he has a lot of illusions in his dance, and some of Elsewhere’s speed control.

    Definetly not Jazz hands. That was quality.
    We should get some elsewhere clips up there. I’ve been talking about getting him some work with the circus school here; maybe i can get some words from the man himself.

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