8 thoughts on “Duo Luis-Loïc / Cie Pied-Tête”

  1. they are not from france, Luis is from Brazil, Loic i don’t know, they both graduated at ESAC (bruxelles)

  2. Wow, HOT!
    As a contact juggler with a contact improv dance background, THIS makes me want to go to circus school.

  3. Other thing I like is that they keep their mistakes. It brings an element of practice and rehearsal to the final product.

  4. What a surprise to find my video here!
    Thanks Ryan, and thanks everyone who posted their comments!
    THIS give me motivation =)

    And by the way, I’m brazilian, Loïc is french, and the video was actually shot during a rehearsel.

  5. Deadly juggling, Luis and Loic. saw you at the Dutch convention last year. Like the bouncey stuff too.

  6. How would something like this play in Britains got Talent?
    Brilliant…..more and more people are working out ways for juggling and dance to co – exsist….it’s the way forward.

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