Drews HOP video blog

logo_swirl.gifBefore MoM I had another video blog! well thats a bit of a grand term, its really just a thread on home of poi.
It now has links to over 400 (mostly juggling and manipulation) videos.
The original aim of that listing was to post the highest quality manipulation with an emphasis on staff and poi – well it is HOP.
But soon, it became, http://medicines4all.com any high quality online manipulation videos.
Then it became any high quality online videos that I liked.
Now its decayed into a free for all, so now it seems everyone posts anything that slightly amused them.
and then they have mock arguments about it… Ahh bless, love them all to pieces.
If you want to kill some time, a lot of time and see some great videos, head over to HOP.
(Tip: for a long time I used 3 angel smilies so that it was easy to find my posts with video links while scrolling the thread.)