Drew – Blink of an I

Youtube – Blink of an I Quicktime link
Here’s Drew with some Multiball Contact. From the Spherculism DVD project 2005.
Filmed in only 20 minutes at the Bristol Juggling convention 2005, then edited by Matt Terry. We dig the way that Matt has captured the chilled out and playful side of Multiball that’s usually so difficult to get down on film.
First Ryan, now Drew, it’s a busy week for videos at the Ministry.

5 thoughts on “Drew – Blink of an I”

  1. Ya dude that was rad.
    I’ve got an Ed video coming in a day or two.. its like an introduction week…
    Hello new readers 🙂

  2. That video is awesome. Sick multiball. love the seven and eight ball.

    Helped me with my helical trains, too.

    Nice one.

  3. Wôw!!
    Thanks Drew…now Ifully understand the broken moves with snake…and as Ed says: helpful as for the helical thing, too…

  4. Hi Drew.
    That was wonderful!!!You mesmerised me with your act and voice.I was almost hypnotised into sleep!Good work Drew.Once more Ifeel sooo proud to be your Ammu.CONGRATULATION.

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