Dolphin bubble rings

Its been a slow week here at the Ministry; everyone here is very busy and we havent had time to post much.
Enjoy this video of dolphins blowing bubble rings.

Normal circus video content will resume shortly.

Bubble Rings

4 thoughts on “Dolphin bubble rings”

  1. actually.. that part where he uses his nose to cut apart the big ring and make the smaller one is pretty awesome. Good manipulation, dolphins!

  2. Wow @47seconds is incredible. He makes the ring go through this spirally vortex.. so beautiful. These dolphins are some of my favorite new manipulators. I wanna do advanced bubble-ring variations!

    I think they do it for the same reasons we do. Its neat to see what you can make the shapes do; its takes practice and they feel good about what they’ve learned. I betcha one of the other dolphins was like ‘hey man, that trick where you split the ring into a smaller ring… its pretty awesome” and then all the dolphins in the tank started doing it.

    Can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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