DJ Q-Bert – Oh my God!

Beat juggling is a term used by DJ’s who use two identical records, allowing one record to play the breakbeat while setting up the next record, and when one beat finishes the DJ smoothly cuts to the same beat on the other record, thereby extending the song.

In this clip, Qbert showcases a single turntable technique called ‘drumming.’ He steps up to the turntables and actually re-arranges the beat itself; mixing up the snares, kicks and hi-hats by quickly cueing up the record, playing the sound, killing the volume, re-cueing the record, playing the next sound, etc. The amount of dexterity required is absolutely insane; Q-Bert isn’t human and definetly deserves a place here on our blog.

2 thoughts on “DJ Q-Bert – Oh my God!”

  1. Properly, this ain’t even beat jugging; this is a tech called “drumming,” in which a DJ scratches on a breakbeat to make a different beat. Still, I’ve been in love with this routine for years.

    Though Q’s beat jugglery skills are, infact, inhuman:

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