4 thoughts on “Diabolo – Tricka Technology”

  1. im not diablo person and don’t understand what the hardest tricks being done are like… but is some of this stuff at the current limit? I’ve never seen any diablo as intricate as this.

  2. Lol i know what you mean. I’ve seen things in the past few years that I thought was ‘ok this is the best diabolo ever” but the past few months have just opened my eyes to so much more. Was really lucky to meet a fellow named Jesse from Finland who messed my brain up with double suicide releases like this; and he reminded me about the fantastic Canadian site http://www.Diabolo.ca
    have a look if you want more diabolo insanty. Its ridiculous how much good new stuff is developing in the forums there. Jesse is currently editing together the Diabolo.ca annual collaborative video, which will be posted here as soon as it is finished.

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