Derren Brown – Subliminal Advertising

Definately Manipulation…..
…Mind Manipulation, by the brilliant Derren Brown.

“The closest our galaxy can boast to a Jedi Master” Empire Magazine

“Clearly the greatest dinner party guest in history… or the scariest man in Britain ” The Guardian

“I just want to burn him at the stake and watch his witch’s heart babble” Stephen Fry

“One of the most proficient illusionists on the planet….any planet” Glasgow Herald

“He’s at the height of his considerable powers” Nuts

“…part James Bond, part Yoda” Guardian Guide


7 thoughts on “Derren Brown – Subliminal Advertising”

  1. Derren Brown is my hero.

    I could fill weeks worth of blog posts with stuff he’s done.

    He doesn’t scare me… 😉

  2. I call bullshit on this, it’s completely impossible to direct the ‘unconscious’ in the lackadaisical manner depicted here. Brown is a trailed neuro-linguisitic-programmer; expert in a dubious pseudo science, similar to hypnostism, often used for political manipulation and *cough* seduction. He may have used neurolinguistic suggestions to achieve the effect portrayed here (assuming it’s not scripted), but he certainly did not use subliminal roadside adverts.

  3. *Swoon*

    Met him, been the “big unveil” at a show. He’s great and a Brizzle Boy!

  4. To ‘A Psychologist’. Of course he’s using NLP. And of course he always trumps up his achievements to seem more than they actually are. Remind you of any particular profession? At the beginning of every Derren Brown show, be it live or TV, he always states that it’s a mixture of Psyche tricks and showmanship. This is the showmanship he refers to. Oh, and as a footnote, if roadside ‘subliminal advertising’ doesn’t work, then why is it still one of the top 3 ad incomes in the US and Europe? COmpanies wouldn’t spend millions on signs you only briefly see if they didn’t work. The point is you see the same reference repeatedly. You may be a psychologist, but you can’t be a very good one if you still think that ‘hypnotism’ is even something to attack. Mr Brown himself knows that hypnotism is all consent based. But make people *think* it’s ‘real’, and they fall for it. The power of suggestion! It’s made mr Richard Bandler millions.

  5. I have to agree .. it’s often being used for seduction as well. Or better said .. those who do not know how to seduce and will use this type of methods. But there is a difference between people and also there is the age difference … looking back it all seems related to sex/hormones .. socializing stuff … but when you were there it did not always feel like that .. it’s the depressed psyche underneath who could not cope so well with life either in that life phase and used the tools available at that time to get a bit more light in life. Feels like emotions .. but that what we will see us our emotions will change in life as well ..

    I like Brown .. but see his tapping into people here and there a bit the same .. And also, NLP and a lot of other so called higher brain development stuff is being used by lots of people without even knowing about this theirselves .. that’s the best .. some need to learn the skills whereas others dont. For obvious reasons if you are a bit more at home in the human brain and the I’s of people.

  6. Psychologists are always putting down people who have a higher success rate then them and everyone who is smart clearly knows most psychologists are the biggest waste of time and money imaginable.

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