Dawn – Contact juggling (bodyrolling) practice session

Some technical and innovative rolling ideas from Dawn.

Things in the bodyrolling world are heating up! With people like Kyle, Luminous Fractal, Grateful Juggler and Dawn hanging out on www.contactjuggling.org and throwing ideas around, and with the new popularity of large balls (5inches and up.. Dawn is using an 7.5″ renegade stage ball) there is some new stuff developing which didn’t even seem possible a few years ago.

8 thoughts on “Dawn – Contact juggling (bodyrolling) practice session”

  1. WoW i feel like a nerd, but it is really quite an amazing moment for me to be mentioned here. I can remember when i started contact juggling, and looking at this blog, and thinking how great it would be to be as good as the people on these videos, and now to have my name placed next to some of my biggest inspirations….well again i feel like a nerd and also thank you!

  2. Awesome stuff in that Vid for sure! and thanks for adding me into the Credits! Its definately an honor.. I’ll be stoked if you guys get to posting my lastest vid up sometime too.. I’m sure you’ll get around to it, as you never seem to miss any of the latest goods to hit the airstream.. 🙂

  3. I liiiike the move rolling down the back and back to the front!
    Great exploration! inspirational!

  4. That’s pretty, Dawn! Nice angles too. Shows the beautiful curves that ball takes… err… I’m talking about the nice curves… ok, never mind, getting worse the more I talk… okay… uhh… see you… later.

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