David Menes – L’île La isla the island

David Menes [previously on MoM.] has continued to elaborate on his routine. He is at a circus school in Canada and doing some very good juggling there as well. Lots of interesting contact juggling and body movement combined as well as lots of ‘normal’ juggling. Normal for David Menes I assume, pretty hard for the rest of us.

2 thoughts on “David Menes – L’île La isla the island”

  1. simply briliant. this might sound a bit off; but i think, if there was a caveman on a picknik that could juggle, we just saw what his weekend was like. Very primal movements and feelings displayed. along with the fancy of a child in parts. amazing, seriously.

  2. Simply thankfull guys, Those are really sensitive comments about my work. I’m in my third year in the circus school and you give me lot of energy to keep working intensively..
    thanks again

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