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ok.. this is a bit of an uber-geeky post, but dailymotion.com (another video hosting site in the same vein as google video and youtube) has answered the call of internet video watchers and opened the full-screen code for their content. Adobe Flash 9 (the newest adobe flash player that powers online video) has had an option for ”true” full-screen (no browser window bars, etc) for a while now, but so far providers havent opened up their ALLOWFULLSCREEN=TRUE code… except dailymotion.

Fingerboard alexis milant Play this vid. Right click and pick ”go full screen”. Listen.. there is only a black screen at first. Sit back and enjoy
Uploaded by gameart

bravo Dailymotion.. let’s hope that google video and youtube follow the lead.
[end geekery]
that vid was suprisingly good, eh?

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  1. I’m having problems playing a playlist in Dailymotion.
    I set the first one up for fullscreen & HD – and it plays fine – but, as soon as it gets to the second, it reverts back to the default settings.

    How do I get round this?

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