Cucuruto Activism Project C.A.P.

Addicted to Ball in the head!
Esteven writes:

Hello people.
I’m trying to spread on the Internet… the production of videos involving the Cucuruto, the stall point on the top of head.
Which I think is the evolution of balance, by independent of vision and develop the touch and proprioception.
This is very popular in Brazil and in Latin America, but I do not see the rest of the world so interested. And I think the ministry of manipulation is the most influential Internet website to spread the activism of this idea of balance. Can you help?

Yes we can, and we love this video 😀 Thanks
Great music, what is it?
In other bad news, MoM got hacked for the 2nd time, sorry for all the (hidden) links to porn sites – now deleted. We’re trying to deal with it. Drew

6 thoughts on “Cucuruto Activism Project C.A.P.”

  1. wow!! what dedication! I have long dreamed of that little roll from one side of the top of the head to the other, over the little mountain range I have up there, in unison with big eyebrow raises! awesome to see it. lots of stuff here I never even dreamed of before!

  2. If that ring isn’t are sick in the head!

    (is it like 3 ring suck together?)

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