Corrosion – club juggling

Juggling – Rados?aw Kozak

Filming – Kuba Borkowicz

Editing – Jakub Janz

Here is what internet people are saying:

Incredible video, such great locations, filming, editing, and juggling! Probably the best so far this year in my opinion.

Amazing! You give me so much inspiration!

“That was truly some of the best 3 club work i have ever seen!!!!!!”

“INCREDIBLE – beautiful work on this – truly inspiring”

Radoslaw Kozak rocks the club juggling. Great flow, timing, scissor catch variations, 423s, rolls, all the things that make club juggling good.

6 thoughts on “Corrosion – club juggling”

  1. Absolutely awesome. Love the dude’s moves, especially the behind the back stuff, the stalls and the work off the walls. And then there is the cinematography and sounds; the whole industrial decay location (nice contrast to the neon safety orange of the clubs) and the appropriately robotic tunes. Just freaking awesome.

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