Contact still down?

It’s been a few days now, Anyone got any info?
Got withdraw symptoms? Shaking hands/cold sweat/Cold turkey.
Post comment below to join the Contact jugglers Anonymous support group meeting. but don’t mention Vi*gra or the spam filter will eat you.

33 thoughts on “Contact still down?”

  1. That’s freaking weird…it’s a week now…I believe they encounter edserious problem.
    Hope the site be back soon…

  2. Yikes. I dont have rbakers contact info on file; all this means is that the computer in his house (dotorg is hosted on his server) is either turned off or his internet is buggy…

  3. As many that weren’t ‘innit’, i was expecting huge thread(s) about berlin ‘s workshop
    and pictures and videos and.and…….bouhouu why don’t wake up….

    well i’m out for some more practising…

  4. I’m going to write up a better recollection now that I feel less ill and have a slightly better grasp of grammar. Quick question to Kamil, is the footage of the show going to be made available? There are a couple of acts I really want to watch again.

  5. Hey its back. And MoM’s had a mini update.
    As well as some page and code shuffling and a minor tweak to the appearance, we’re trying out a ratings thing. Click if you like a post πŸ™‚

  6. Indeed. This has become the official “omg dotorg is down’ announcement thread.
    I’ll message Ryan Baker and get him to give the server machine a kick.

  7. aweee its down… im having withdrawal symptoms! any ideas on when it will be back up?

  8. Arghhh…
    CanΒ΄t wait…
    So cool things to tell and show for the .org-community…

  9. Just went down recently. Message has been sent to rbaker. Stay strong! It will be back; don’t do anything foolish during the downtime ( withdrawl symptoms can make people do crazy things)

  10. It’s true, one time when .org was down I….it is so terrible…..tried toss juggling

  11. Awe first .org is down post of 2011 T.T. I miss the awesome vid’s already nnnooooooooooooooooo

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