Contact Staff and Dance

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Yeah so it’s Christmas again. I made a video. I asked Ryan and Drew if I could post it, and Ryan said I could so I did. It’s me, dancing about like a loon, with a staff. Done. It’s okay. I liked the club one better but Ryan said I should post this one. So here it is, an early Christmas present. Yup.

I can’t really go on about how awesome it is but it’s better than not bad.

2 thoughts on “Contact Staff and Dance”

  1. I’ll go on about how awesome it is. I am just barely starting to crack staff (six months, but daily practice) and feel the same brand of inspiration/intimidation that I felt the first time I saw Okotanpe do contact ball. An awe-inspiring video… this is deep stuff.

  2. love you and your style, meg 😀 see you soon around the world! 😀

    merry christmas


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