7 thoughts on “Contact Juggling – Nico”

  1. Holy crap! Good work Nico! Great whole-body movement that translates to the ball. I love the way you change your focus. In dance this is crucial- it provides a new experience other than one of “check out my mysterious ball”. The whole thing is mezmerizing, not just the ball. Excellent structural support and balance! Good work. Super inspiring!

  2. Not so much the streets of London…

    More the circus schools of China and Brussels… and the conventions of Europe… 😉

    I absolutely love his dedication and focus. His ideas are solid too. Lovely to see the same techniques I’m learning, being used in a different style.

    Opens my eyes a bit more, and makes my brain ache a little with all the extra stuff they’re seeing.

  3. Amazing stuff from Nico!
    Givin’ me some amazing stuff to visualize and make my head hurt 😉
    Fantastic stuff… Hope to meet you next time I’m in Europe in 2011 😀

  4. Wow, as Moka said, makes my head hurt, but in a really really good way. That was just amazing, i really need to see a live performance of this!

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