16 thoughts on “Contact Barcelona”

  1. Hummm do not see any video here…!
    in relation to contact buskers in la rambla, that nimi guy has an interesting work, would like to see more of his work. sill there is some videos of him busking in barcelona.

  2. That is Beautiful. He has nice butterfly’s too. I find man butterfly’s to be different than women butterfly’s somehow.

  3. Dawn & Vasco,
    Thank you for your comment’s. In a few days i will make one better video. I send to you.
    Greetings from Argentina.

  4. yep. Linear isolations, velocity isolation, fixed-point effect… this guy has seriously polished skills. Nothing is more magical than this.

  5. Wow! Best video I’ve seen for, if not ever, then a really long long time (it made me register just to be able to comment!). Thank heavens he doesn’t body pop in this video, I’ve never suffered from jealousy 😉

  6. Wow!! I’m really happy to see this video, because I’ve seen this man in la rambla in august, during my holidays. I asked him advices and he gave to me nicely.

    thank you for your help!

  7. That is an incredibly beautiful video. Your style of contact juggling is very tai chi like. I love the flow you create within and between the moves. I would love to see videos if there are some :~) Thanks for much inspiration.

  8. I have watched this video countless times over the last year. This guy’s skill is amazing! A combination of ability and creativity make this one of the best performaces I’ve ever seen. The dynamics of the spacial illusion is mind blowing! I want to see another video by this guy!

  9. i cant tell the location really, i was curious if anyone has opinions on good types of places to street perform?

  10. Wow, it is simple yet masterful, it is alway nice to see, give a lot of idea and inspiration. thx

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