3 Ball Juggling – “Comaba” : JugglerYuri & Hajime

Wes Peden writes:

hej. i don’t have my own blog so as i guess you have noticed i have been sending you some stuff that i thought people should see.

You maybe already saw this but it’s the freshest flyness since muffins!

So yeah, just a recommendation.

6 thoughts on “3 Ball Juggling – “Comaba” : JugglerYuri & Hajime”

  1. Ryan,

    could you PLEASE post some just really good juggling, or even occasionally some crappy juggling.
    “Personally I loved the two up box….blah blah blah” is that because the other shit was just all so amazing it was too hard to get your head around to love it?

  2. nah its all good. that box variation is personal though; i love it for my own reasons and its great to see it done nicely.

    K tony i’ll post some good juggling for ya.

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