Clubs: Sogno o son dodo

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Youtube says: Video realizzato per l’artista giocoliere Edoardo demontis.

Which I believe means, Video of the Juggling Artist: Edoardo Demontis…? Aka Dodo perhaps? Well all informations are noted in a cute way at the end of the video. Which was 1-4 clubs in it, juggled, contacted, balanced and manipulated… 😀 All with smiles and exceptional skill. And the video is absolutely beautiful. Great camera and camera work…

9 thoughts on “Clubs: Sogno o son dodo”

  1. love this one on many levels. a sweet dream, fantastic club work, beautiful shots, the perfect cuts…yes. it all worked marvelously!

  2. Crazy combos and some awesome rolls & traps…it just never seems to end…hurrah for juggling innovations and big thanks to the mighty ministry!

  3. Awesome stuff!! I particularly liked the balances and the rolls. Sweet multiplexes too!

  4. Nice combos and some awesome rolls & traps just seems to never end a big up to the mighty ministry!

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