Clonakilty Juggling Convention – September 25th-27th 2009

Ronan mailed us with this video, from the 2008 Clonakilty Juggling Convention.
This year’s convention will be on September 25th-27th 2009 – You’ve got one month until the awesomeness of the 5th Clonakilty Object Manipulation and Movement Convention in Ireland.
Current Artist list:
Matthias Romir (Experimental Club and Ball Juggling)
Aragorn Boulanger “Bishop” (Dance)
Nico (Contact Ball)
Nicolas Longuechaud (Hoop Manipulation)
Camille P (Club Swinging and Manipulation)
Cecilia Manfrini and Lukas Wiesner (Acrobatics, Contortion, Juggling)
Meg Claire Pike “MCP” (Staff)
Darragh McLoughlin (Ball Juggling)
Chloe De Buyl Pisco (Dance)
Ronan McLoughlin (Poi)

Poooooooo, it’s the weekend that term starts for me. Arrrrrrg.

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