Cinematique – trailer

A short presentation about Cinematique, a show created in January 2010 in L’Hexagone. I don’t speak French, so if someone could add more info would be great! 😀

thanks to Mouna “Moon” (:D) Nemri from Brussels for the link! 🙂

thanks for watching

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  1. Approximative translation of the informations on adrien mondot compagnie’s website :

    An invitation to travelling, dreams and game. This piece of dream that everyone has got in him since childhood might come back to the surface at anytime and disrupt all rational principles which guide our modern existences.

    A raft storming the streams and beginning the journey, the crossing of virtual matter as so many landscapes.
    Lines, points, letters, numerical objects projected on flat surfaces, weave poetical spaces going along the body and gestures.
    Imagination changes opaque and tint areas, so as to reveal, by the means of transparency and movements, freedom, desire, and infinite that everyone has got inside.

    the translation might be a little obscure but the original text is quite poetical and so, it is quite complicated to translate.

  2. you’re welcome ! here is the other part I didn’t have time to translate this morning :

    The company is associated with l’Hexagone, national scene of Meylan for the years 2009; 2010 and 2011.
    This project was awarded with the “grand prix du jury” (jury high price ?) as part of the international competition “dance and new technologies” organised by the “Festival Bains numériques”#4 in Enghien-les-Bains in june 2009.

  3. The same or similar technology is used with the choreographer “Chunky Move”. You can google it on youtube. It’s nice to see it used with object manipulation. Kudos, friends!

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