Charlie Caper – Talang 2009

We’ve just heard that our old friend Charlie Caper has just won Sweden’s got talent – Talang 2009.
Super-congratulations to a top magician and one of the nicest guy’s we know.
It helps to watch the acts in order, so if you haven’t already… check out the first round we posted a few weeks ago.
The semi-final: The skills and timing are impeccably tight – polished over thousands of street performances around the world, so great to see it again.
The final winning performance from earlier this evening after the jump: Same Final video on the official Talang site (might last longer than youtube link).
Fantastic! I can’t believe he managed to pull the same trick on us in all 3 performances, perfect misdirection!
Random trivia: Charlie helped me code the original version of the MoM website!