11 thoughts on “CG or not?”

  1. Dawn and I can do the tricks (both the headroll and the balance) if we cheat and place tiny invisible rings inbetween the balls. Notice the headroll shot doesn’t return to a balance, only starts with one.

  2. i think the backflip kick off the hoop to cross court basket is most likely fake, the speed and trajectory of the ball look really suspicious from that perspective.

  3. Its all fake!! The only real ‘trick’ on the video is 3ball dribbling on the ground!!

  4. I vote fake for the sole reason that if these guys really could pull this stuff off, then the folks who made those sweet FIFA street soccer vids would have used them instead of CGI (and I’ve seen the “making of” footage for the soccer vids).

  5. CG, you can see the lighting difference between the balls and surroundings in a couple of shots, and it doesn’t seem to move naturally.

    The 3 ball dribbling looks legitimate though.

  6. I’d say amazing but definately true ! the only stuff i doubt is the 3 balls balance, but i reckon it’s possible though… people always “over-mistrust” each other… Just believe it’s possible, it won’t harm anyone, and try it the hardest you can, if you’re able to do it then well done, otherwise just admit there’re people more skilled than you and enjoy their beautiful tricks without always thinking they’re nothing but cheaters… even if they might be.

  7. I would have to agree with Jino anything is possible. The camera work is pretty crazy good though… maybe too good… hmmm

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