Brunn’s Act Still Lives

mchirrick.jpgThat picture is not of Brunn, it’s his nephew: Michael Chirrick, is Lotte Brunn’s son, he was taught by Brunn.

On his site you’ll find 5 videos, 4 of Chirrick (the 5th is the Lotte and Brunn Documentary already posted) if you’re only watching 1, then go for the Highlights video.

Now here’s a game to play, with the 2 Francis Brunn routines posted over the last 2 days, and all these, Michael Chirrick performances. You have fundamentally the same routine performed over at least 5 decades. Check out the changes, in performance and style. I’m particularly fond of the 1979 clip, its like Brunn with white Lycra, Moustache and Nunchuku.

ringlin-brunn.jpgMichael Chirrick is an incredibly talented dude. Based on the video’s posted here alone, It seems that Chirrick can easilly perform all of Brunns most impressive material, but I’d say “Francis Brunn – greatest Juggler the world has ever known.” Has that certain style, that certain presentation, which elevates buy valtrex online his performances to a another level.
But, Bravo to Chirrick, I’m glad to see someone is continuing, keeping alive (a derivation of) Brunn’s Act. Fantastic. One day I hope to see him perform this on stage, not just on this little screen.

Francis Brunn Photographs

blaise3.jpg Today’s first link is Francis Brunn pictures and obituary thanks to Dick Franco (another juggling legend).
Dick Franco writes: “Francis was a warm man with a great sense of humor. We spent many hours together in Italy, practicing, talking and, of course, drinking beer.”
(note: Dick Franco’s site has very good words and pictures and is worth a look, but the coding is a bit shakey, I get overset text in both Firefox and IE, if you want to read it without any text overlaying go to view>page style>no style).

blaise2.jpg Today’s second link was a very pleasent surprise, an incredible collection of photographs of Brunn from Olivier Blaise on picturetank, including the 2 in this post.
He’s a photojournalist. Although. I can’t believe he took all the photos, some of them are a bit too old. Merde, I say, I wish I’d paid more attention to French lessons in School, then I’d be able to understand.
There’s a photo of Francis Brunn with Muhammed Ali, “I am the greatest”, a famous quote of Ali could have applied just as well to Brunn.
While you are there its worth a look at the rest of Olivier Blaise’s photos inclucing Tom Noddy (Bubble), Kris Kremo, Kosen Kagami Japanese Juggler, general Juggling and the MicroDrones are fun too.
Anyone got any other photos or videos of Brunn.
More to come in Brunn week.

Francis & Lotte Brunn Videos II & III

BrunnThis is a gem! I just couldn’t believe that I’d never seen this clip before, I was so happy to stumble upon this old footage from
the Lotte Francis Brunn Documentary. and shows that Lotte was also an INCREDIBLE juggler too, although over-shadowed by her brother Francis.

brunn.jpgAnd just for anyone who might have missed it, here is the the most famous video clip of Francis in Action on the Jack Benny Show.mpg 74Mb.
Same video as a 30Mb avi
Same video on youtube – lower res The assistant is Lotte, not showcasing in this clip.

Brunn, a Master of this art.
A hero of the MoM crew, and of the whole Juggling and manipulation world. More videos to come this week in Brunn week on MoM.
Enjoy, Drew.

Francis & Lotte Brunn Video

Francis Brunn Week francis.jpg

Ignore the first 2 acts, the second half of this clip is Francis & Lotte Brunn @ Cabaret Kaivohuone, Helsinki, Finland 1947

A young Francis Brunn, with very ladylike shoes doing very impossible manipulation and juggling, with high speed energy.
Wow, Brunn was incredible!
Footage I’d never seen before, Thanks to another great manipulator – Antti of The Amazing Rubber Heart Duo for this link.

EDIT: NEW LINK Big respect and thanks to Little Paul for capturing and rehosting the first Brunn video as a downloadable wmv. (30Mb)
Francis & Lotte Brunn @ Cabaret Kaivohuone, Helsinki, Finland 1947 now downloadable

Jive – ‘patchwork’ promo

JiveA student of dance, mime and manipulation at the Lido school in France, Jive is one of the artists featured on the In Isolation DVD. Patchwork is a collection of his material, featuring new manipulation with clubs, a stick, a broom and a book.

View the promo here

From Jive’s notes on juggling, translated by Babelfish:

The singularity of my juggling rests on a whole of components such as traditional juggling, atypical juggling, choreographic work and the work of actor. My research is based on the juggling of yesterday and today. …

The technique developed with these objects rises directly from the techniques of traditional jugglings, but, the singularity of the object itself brings to create new images and propels the juggler in various universes “the skilful diversion of the object to the service of a new poetic language…” …

My report/ratio with juggling is very graphic. The inspiration comes from Michael MOSCHEN, American juggler, who in the Eighties revolutionized juggling by his geometrical work around the fixed point and of the graphic insulation. This work is close to the illusion by some with dimensions. It gives a life specific to the object, personifies it. The whole of these research orientations is related to my own history of juggler and my universe of creator. In this creation, I want to propose a language located between the art of the juggler, the dancer and the MIME.