Sh*t Spinners Say

Following the “Sh*t X say” meme, this Tongue in cheek video is poking fun at Spinners, from the Vulcan crew of…err spinners.
“Do it again, only less sh*t.”
We’ll add: “Faster with less control.” “Do you know G?”, “Can you do that Anti-spin?” is the new, “Can you do that isolated?” is the new, “Can you do that BTB?”
So who is going to make “Sh*t contact jugglers say?”

No Sweat – Contact Staff – Kev-Mic-Jon-Oli

contact staff in Brussels 2
Starring: Jon Crott, Olivier van itterbeeck, Michael Tono and Kevin Arleri ( yes… the brother of Dimitri Arleri)
Cinetagraphy by Francois Dubois and Editing by Ladislas.
Super skills, super filming, super editing. WoW.
Thanks to EVERYONE who sent this to us and posted it on “suggest a link” especially Maelle.

Tomás Di Tomaso – Colegiales

Youtube Link
Original full quality video here: On Vimeo.

Whaaaaa! Super nice style, super nice devilsticking. I don’t know much about devilstick, but I like what I see!

Tomas Di Tomaso has made this beautiful video. I said some otherstuff that wasn’t true before. I got things wrong. But Drew is decorating his bathroom so I guess I can do what I like. 😀 Ha ha!

Tomas is from Argentina, and has a website here: (edited to update url)