Imperfect Cirquel


imperfectcirquel.avi [High Quality 150Mb!]
imperfectcirquelmq.avi [Medium Quality]
Suddenly the future of Juggling and manipulation web videos looks a lot brighter! Just by watching the intro’s you’ll know this is DVD quality in the filming and awesome editing, and very high res file too :). (not low res You-tube clips). And the quality of the skills equally brilliant, Enjoy:

Shay Wapniaz: contact juggling
Lorenzo “SID” Crivellari: balls and clubs
Stefano “DIABLISTA” Mestroni: balls and diablo
Pietro “BUSK” Selva Bonino: diablo
Federico “EXART” Fiordigiglio: unicycle
Alessio “EVVIVA” Dantignana: staff
Daniele “KASETTA” Caselli: balls
Silvia “STREGAI” Pavone: hula hoops
Emanuele “MOON” Marchione: bouncing balls

Looking forward to seeing more of these folk, and more high quality videos like this in future.

Burnt Toast Meets FirePoise

Screenshot from VideoHere’s a lovely video of some very good friends of ours at the ministry.

Paul ‘Durbs’ Durbin is the reason I got into Contact 2 years ago, and pretty much all types of manipulation in the first place. (It’s his fault, blame him!!!) Paul organises a Guildford based performance group called Burnt Toast.
Clare Palmer set up the highly respected Irish Fire Performance group ‘FirePoise’ and has been really busy teaching people how to spin poi properly as well as performing hard.
Paul has just recently returned to the UK after a trip around the world, and as such, has been cut off from much of the manipulation world. This video is the perfect way to say: Hey, I’m back!!

The video includes many different skills, including modern contact, Staff manipulation, and poi spinning. Enjoy!! (15 minutes long, lots more staff and poi, just to warn you hardcore contact types…;) )
Video Hosted on

EDED aka “LTC”

Jive – ‘patchwork’ promo

JiveA student of dance, mime and manipulation at the Lido school in France, Jive is one of the artists featured on the In Isolation DVD. Patchwork is a collection of his material, featuring new manipulation with clubs, a stick, a broom and a book.

View the promo here

From Jive’s notes on juggling, translated by Babelfish:

The singularity of my juggling rests on a whole of components such as traditional juggling, atypical juggling, choreographic work and the work of actor. My research is based on the juggling of yesterday and today. …

The technique developed with these objects rises directly from the techniques of traditional jugglings, but, the singularity of the object itself brings to create new images and propels the juggler in various universes “the skilful diversion of the object to the service of a new poetic language…” …

My report/ratio with juggling is very graphic. The inspiration comes from Michael MOSCHEN, American juggler, who in the Eighties revolutionized juggling by his geometrical work around the fixed point and of the graphic insulation. This work is close to the illusion by some with dimensions. It gives a life specific to the object, personifies it. The whole of these research orientations is related to my own history of juggler and my universe of creator. In this creation, I want to propose a language located between the art of the juggler, the dancer and the MIME.

The Italians

The Italian Manipulators and jugglers have a great online community here:,file-index.htm

With active discussion on all areas of manipulation, swinging, juggling and contact, all in one bullitin board.
With not just one, but FOUR different pages od threads with links to videos, a lot of videos of juggling and manipulation. I found a lot of groovy clips I’d never seen in the “italian style” videos section.

I think you’ll have to register on their forum to get the links to work.

Big hello to our Italian friends.

Video Michelle Smith Baton

Supergood Baton Twirler from Canada

Video Linkies:
The first link is my favorite:

Expect to see: Lovely routines, and super hot technical baton twirling. I like the way that she keeps the batons flowing a lot more than other baton twirlers tend to do, and she doesn’t break plan soo much either

8 times represented Canada at the world baton twirling championships!!
Heres a profile about her:

And she is responsible for one of my all time favorite stick clips
the clip is “michellefreestyle2003.mpeg” or “michellefreestyle2003shithotbatongoth.mpeg” !! as it was retitled.
But I can’t find an online version of this at the moment

It’s What happened to this one in just 2 years? She got cool !
and still kept winning,
you’ll find some of that clip in meg’s Stolen spinning – the goth with the pentagram on the back of the costume
Dr Ew

Baton Twirling Video – Triple Threat

HOP Blog repost: Video for your pleasure:
Baton twirling – Sheryl Welykholowa, Jill Ford, Stacy Singer – Triple Threat
Linky linky

Details: On stage probably 2002 . A super tight performances from world champion baton twirlers.
See glitzy stuff, 3 baton juggling, contact sequence and some qualilty strutting about.
Amazingly talented trio including Stacy Singer doing monster rolls – a move apparently invented for her and renamed matrix by the edinburgh staff twirlers.

Dr Ew