Ich Bin Ein Berlin Ed (UnEditEd)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hdyoCjXRcIDon’t watch the clip above, go to Youtube and watch it in High Def.
The first video from Nika from the recent MoM Berlin Masterclass. Super super effect from the lovely camera lens. Hire him, he makes stuff look amazing with a camera. 😀
Oh, and I’m in the Video, too.
I bust out after day two of the workshop. MY eyes bug when I watch this, and I was there!
Thanks Nika! I can’t wait to see more videos!
Edit: Drew I added a category, cos Ed was too modest. 😉

5 years, 1000 posts, 1 000 000 views

LED type 02 / light painting
Five and a half years after starting MoM, we have; 1 book, 2 weddings, several MoM workshops, and over 1 000 000 unique visitors (according to our stats counter).
And this is MoM’s 1000th blog post.
Thanks for reading, and here’s to the next 5 years.
The above image is from theFlickr acrylic balls pool. by Maido of Japan.

LCD – contact juggling & liquid robot dancing

After the silly robot intro, LCD launches into a wicked display of contact juggling isolations. To quote Su-nami from www.contactjuggling.org

How is it when you Isolate an acrylic it looks like an incredibly intricate dance form and when i isolate an acrylic it looks like, well, someone isolating an acrylic?

LCD (aka Liquid Crystal Display aka ‘elsie-dee’ aka Nika aka Nick) and Matt Hennem have been obsessing for a decade now about the fine details of moving a ball from point ‘A’ to point ‘B.’
For more, check his youtube profile

New Feature: Related Posts


Browsing circus videos at the Ministry of Manipulation just got even more addictive.

We’ve installed a ‘related videos’ plugin to help you discover some of the past content that has been featured on our site. Click the post title, and just above the comments for each video our super-intelligent MinistryofManipulation.com robots (from Japan!) have prepared suggestions for past videos that are just as awesome as the one’s you’ll find on the front page of our site.

Every new video leads to MORE awesome videos you may not have seen yet. Check it out! (and let us know what you think in the comments)