EJC 2006 – Musicality Workshop

Musicality workshop picture
Musicality workshop picture 2
A few people have e-mailed me to ask what music was played during Drews Musicality Workshop at EJC 2006
Also at Play Festival, and at Ueberpoi 2005 and Nottingham 2005

Here’s the track listing:
Quannum – “I Changed My Mind”
The warm up spin was too this lovely track which Ryan and I used as the soundtrack for the Bodyrolling Montage

The Turtles – Happy Together
For the Beat and bigger changes in the music

Yann Tiersen – Amelie Soundtrack Tracks 2 and 3 A great album for movers manipulatiors and Jugglers.

Zeida – Track 1 French hip hop that I got from the Berlin Circus crowd, I don’t even know if I spell it right or what the album is called!

Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood
for the wicked Bass line

Serge Gainsbourg – Angoisse
Feeling and mood – Sadness

Shimon and Andy C – Body Rock
Feelig and mood – Bounce bounce

Unknown Artist – Zorba the Greek
A wicked progessive tempo version which starts too slow to do anything useful, and finishes too fast. I didn’t play this at EJC this time but normally do in the workshop.

Paul Mauriat – Etude in the Form of Rythm and Blues and
Walther Murphy – 1/5th of Beathoven – from the Saturday night Fever Soundtrack
Fun stuff at the end – I’ve soo got to make routines to these 2.

A huge thank you to the super dude peg master Burning Dan for once again rescuing me in the Music Department. That’s 3 times now, this is starting to become a habit. Thanks dude.
And big thanks to everyone who came and wiggled and made it soo much fun for me to run. 🙂
Any other questions just post them below in coments

Video: Indra Yoga & Poi

Thanks again for posting, Saturdays super link:

Well seeing as that was 2 lots of Stick links, I think it has to be something for the poi fans

click to gallery

Expect to see: 2 ladies, of indra – lots of wiggling/dance/ not technical spinning

I like the chilled out yoga stuff at the begining, thats fab
Personally I’m not so keen on the trashy pornstar stuff later on in the clip, its not the style I dig.
It kinda makes me laugh but I guess thats what sell over there in the US of A.
Definately High quality filming and production and hence earn a place in Drews Super video blog.