The Italians

The Italian Manipulators and jugglers have a great online community here:,file-index.htm

With active discussion on all areas of manipulation, swinging, juggling and contact, all in one bullitin board.
With not just one, but FOUR different pages od threads with links to videos, a lot of videos of juggling and manipulation. I found a lot of groovy clips I’d never seen in the “italian style” videos section.

I think you’ll have to register on their forum to get the links to work.

Big hello to our Italian friends.

Free Convention Video

British Juggling Convention 2003 – by Andy Wilson

BJC 2003BJC 2003

A Contact Juggler’s view of the 2003 British Juggling Convention
Featuring: Silver Paul, Steve, Jago, Deniz, John Blanshard, Drew, Malte, Rob Horseman and many more…

30 Minutes of the best festival Hightlights:
– Footage of the UK’s best jugglers and manipulators
– Jago’s 2003 ‘Palm Circles’ act
– Football on stilts (!!!)
– TePooka’s Fire show
– Drews Mirror Scene
– And MORE!

Grab a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy. There’s some good stuff in here…
Watch now for FREE, only on The Ministry of Manipulation