Eric Longequel – Diabolo show

Eric is my favorite kind of juggler: weird, deeply interested in juggling performance and has a versatile range of skills and styles. We have already featured him here before with KRTCH and Cie EA EO, but his diabolo solo is totally different from everything else. He takes everything I dislike about Pierre Marchon and turns it into something brilliant and understated. I can’t wait untilย  Defracto puts some more “Flaque” on the web…


A Foreigner at the Japan Juggling Festival 2012

Teku has filmed and edited 12 minutes of footage of JJF which will make you wish you were there. ๐Ÿ˜€
As well as plenty of great juggling and cigar boxes, here are some highlights for Contact Jugglers.
0:50 Toe balance and 3 ball chest roll
2:10 Sweet foot to hand roll
6:00 Bounce elbow passing
6:50 Nice rolling things

Ecole de cirque de Bordeaux 2011

Students from the circus school in Bordeaux, Dorian Thevenet, Boris Couty, Dimitri Rizelo, strun Lucas, Bruno Samon, Maxime Sales and Tom Lacoste, clearly put a lot of effort into making this video, great filming, great skills. and great use of white powder. ACE.
The spin on the unicycle (4:40) and the 2 toe spin on skates (5:40) stand out for me.
Thanks Maelle for the link. Smiles, Drew