Bug Fixes

No Brunn post today, as I’ve spent the evening fixing Internet Explorer Bugs on MoM. Improved a lot of IE6 bugs and display (although there’s still the double scroll bars on the static pages). We’ve got a new IE7 bug (don’t use the IE7 page zoom function, it cant handle many background images!) the IE7 developers claimed that they’d fixed it… but alas 🙁 a lot of pages including MoM suffer from display issues with this.
Great news: Firefox 2 has a spell checker so expect things to improve around here 🙂
For the third of you who still use IE, I highly recommend you: Get the Firefox browser. the web is safer, prettier and easier with Firefox. (here’s a video to prove that, well this is a video blog after all!)
And please guys, keep your browsers updated, (got to help>updates) we got some hits this month from firefox 0.8 and IE 4 !! those things are so old, they’re a security risk.
IF you’ve got a new and interesting display bug from the site, and You’d be kind enough to report it, that would be grand, a screen shot would be a bonus. we’re gradually cleaning up the code.
Send to: Drew@this domain
thanks, Drew

3 thoughts on “Bug Fixes”

  1. wow.. that was so boring.

    How does a cartoon ‘prove’ anything? 🙂

    Does that mean I have to step up and add some excitement? Is Brunn week over?

  2. Umm.. is Brunn week over? I was waiting for a post on an exciting book?!? and then I’ll take over on the blogging…

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