Buba – Hat, Cane and Cigar

Hat, cane and cigar manipulation with some awesome ‘Kris Kremo’ style multi-object kickups and an intense ‘cup of water inside a ring’ section.
This was recorded on 07/03/92 during the Paul Daniels magic show.

Thanks to Lawrens Godon for the link.

8 thoughts on “Buba – Hat, Cane and Cigar”

  1. When I saw the still frame, I thought it would be like Ken Create…

    Far from it. Wow this guys got talent!

  2. I’ve posted some more info about him on .org…
    There’s a vid of him doing his stuff 30 years ago !!
    Expertise come with time me think ^^

  3. That was ridiculously awesome! And isn’t that Mr. Humphreys from Are you being served at the very end?

  4. A Class act i here he has Passed away ? if you have any Details please email me
    Do you no the music for his act ?

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