Brunn’s Act Still Lives

mchirrick.jpgThat picture is not of Brunn, it’s his nephew: Michael Chirrick, is Lotte Brunn’s son, he was taught by Brunn.

On his site you’ll find 5 videos, 4 of Chirrick (the 5th is the Lotte and Brunn Documentary already posted) if you’re only watching 1, then go for the Highlights video.

Now here’s a game to play, with the 2 Francis Brunn routines posted over the last 2 days, and all these, Michael Chirrick performances. You have fundamentally the same routine performed over at least 5 decades. Check out the changes, in performance and style. I’m particularly fond of the 1979 clip, its like Brunn with white Lycra, Moustache and Nunchuku.

ringlin-brunn.jpgMichael Chirrick is an incredibly talented dude. Based on the video’s posted here alone, It seems that Chirrick can easilly perform all of Brunns most impressive material, but I’d say “Francis Brunn – greatest Juggler the world has ever known.” Has that certain style, that certain presentation, which elevates buy valtrex online his performances to a another level.
But, Bravo to Chirrick, I’m glad to see someone is continuing, keeping alive (a derivation of) Brunn’s Act. Fantastic. One day I hope to see him perform this on stage, not just on this little screen.