Britains Got Talent 2008 – The Balloonatic

Steve Cousins writes:

There comes a point in everyone’s life, that you choose to dress from head to toe in spangly red lycra and climb inside a giant balloon in front of a TV audience of over a million people, to potentially suffer a very public ridicule from acerbic media moguls…
Well at least, I’ve come to that point in mine.

In an episode of shameless self promotion, I’ve put my new act, ‘The Balloonatic’ forward as part of the uber-media machine, Britain’s Got Talent. It should be appearing on this week’s episode
Saturday April 19th, ITV1 8:05pm.

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Go Steve… Go Steve!

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  1. further proof that simon cowell just tries to annoy the sh*t out of people for no reason. bah, i loathe him.

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