BrineChild’s Basic Contact Juggling Tutorials

BrineChild’s hilariously awesome “basic” tutorial for the contact juggling butterfly has racked up 15k views on youtube, and left a lot of people confused and stranded. My favorite comments from youtube:

  • you are the least helpful video…you are giving a lesson on the first trick we should learn and then do all these other tricks that make? it harder to learn because you have to learn to balance it on your head…very discouraging first try with contact juggling  mrunicycle13 3 weeks ago

  • @mrunicycle13 😀 my videos are a metaphor for life. If you take it? too seriously you may miss the point. (This comment is included in that metaphor) brinechild 2 weeks ago

So… I believe that BrineChild is becoming a master Troll. He started off with a very simple series of contact juggling tutorials which are very popular (His original butterfly tutorial is almost at 200k views), and he gathered a lot of new subscribers. But then, he seems to revel in breaking their minds. His recent Headroll Tutorial Video seems to be encouraging viewers to shave their heads and discover their ‘head dents’, his Chest Roll Tutorial

and his Enigma Tutorial (with MCP!!!)

are both basically a hugely hilarious lie.


“At heart, the Enigma has always been a one-handed trick” – BrineChild

“For best results, you will want this ball to be orange” – BrineChild

2 thoughts on “BrineChild’s Basic Contact Juggling Tutorials”

  1. Real trolls play the long con 😉

    Thanks for the b-b-b-blogness Ryan, more shenanigans are in the pipeline

  2. Amigos malabaristas del ancho mundo!!!!

    Me gustaria que en Cuba pudieran verse estos increíbles, e instructivos videos de manipulación con pelotas, con clavas, con aros…

    Pero dificilmente esto pueda ocurrir, porque desde mi país es tecnologicamente imposible ver ningun tipo de video que circule en la red.

    Quisiera poderle mostrar algunos de estos materiales a mis amigos, y a muchos artistas callejeros interesados en desarrollarse como profesionales.

    En Cuba estamos aislados!!!. No tenemos acceso a You Tube!!!!

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