Boris Panfilenok Gentleman juggler

An old favourite juggling act style.

Dawn sent me this video of a really good performance of hat and multiple object manipulation.

Lovely character, lovely presentation, good fun… I loved it.

The comments say the following: Same? act 30 years previous without the rings. Just shows that with constant practice age refines skill. Boris Panfilenok is in a class with the very best jugglers alive today, maybe the very best jugglers who have ever lived. The most impressive part of the act is how he never departs from his likable, but dated, character and carries on right through several drops. Great presentation skills. Would love to see a “modern” character do the same.


2 thoughts on “Boris Panfilenok Gentleman juggler”

  1. According to an artist from “Tiger Lillies Circus”, where Buba used to do his act, the artist has passed away…I understand it was around 2007 from some of the comments…

    “Buba ist nicht mehr unter uns…………Hoch lebe BUBA. Hier ein Auftritt in der Produktion “Tiger Lillies Circus” im Zelt der Fliegende Bauten in Hamburg am 04.11.2000. Es war mir eine Ehre mit ihm zu arbeiten”

    “Buba is no longer with us ………… Long live BUBA. Here’s an appearance in the production of “Tiger Lillies Circus” in the tent of the temporary buildings in Hamburg on 04.11.2000. It was an honor for me to work with him”

    RIP Buba.

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