Blog: I Can’t Stop Juggling

Ed ProvencherI Can’t Stop Juggling is the excellently titled blog of Ed Provencher.

Rec.juggling regular, American in South Korea. With plenty of Juggling Videos, thoughts and links. Focusing mainly on Balls and clubs and throwy-droppy Juggling (Toss Juggling).

Ed’s been a bit quiet for the last month, (presumably too busy juggling to stop and post!) so we’re hoping if we poke him, he’ll start blogging again.

2 thoughts on “Blog: I Can’t Stop Juggling”

  1. Thanks for the poke. I’m working hard to learn Korean these days, so posting on both of my blogs has all but disappeared. Hopefully there are enough links in my sidebar to serve as references to other blogs or sources of juggling information while I am busy. BTW, I’ve updated the link for MOM.

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