Blog: Everyone is Happy – Kyle Mclean

Kyle McLean is a Brisbane based arts practitioner with a diverse background in circus, dance, music and new media…. He’s also a multi-staff master dude.

We think his Blog “Everyone is happy productions” has the best name of all the juggling and manipulation blogs, and it celebrated its first birthday last month, it’s one of the blogs that MoM checks regularly, as he often posts great videos.

3 thoughts on “Blog: Everyone is Happy – Kyle Mclean”

  1. Hey there Kyle,

    This is your buddy Chris from Canada.

    It’s been a few years, but I’ll never froget kickin it with you and Chris (still your roomate?).

    I’ll also never forget the fish head that we opened from you guys when we got on the plane…

    Good to see you have this blog up and running – best name on the net! hopefully I”ll have something to send you soon.


  2. oh shit, that was supposed to go on kyle’s blog – hey ryan and MoM boys – this upcoming workshop looks fantastic.

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