5 thoughts on “Black Fire Percussion”

  1. Tha best drumline I’ve seen, would love to get down with y’all or even just come out to one of your shows……..check out my drumline clips
    myspace.com/201_kingz_kidd — go head and comment my clips

  2. Hey. I’m a college student / snare drummer at Marquette University, which doesn’t have a drumline. I was just wondering if anyone knows if they wrote the music for this, or just thought it up and played it. I’d really be interested in some of the parts – just to give myself something to do instead of study. Thanks.

  3. I will say this Black fire is good .However I saw a comment saying that they changed the face of percussion since 1982. I have never heard of this group til 2009 and I’ve been playing since before 1982 and we were way before our time then. The Scoom spuad of Dayton Ohio The Red Berets and The V.P. Steppers, Dakota Center and The Legion of Boom and the Dayton Gems all percussion groups or Drum corps if you will mixture of inner city youth and also adults who play at there leisure.Once again black fire is good but we have an elite Group of percussionist in the city of Dayton who will give this group a drum battle they will never forget :0). We would love to come to your turf to share with you our skills some day.We are the Scoom Squad of Dayton Ohio extend your welcome to us and we will gladly come.also I can’t forget our fellow brothas in percussion The S.C.L.C. Drum corps as well

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