Bishop Practice Highlights 2009

So, back In september, i attended a workshop in Windstyle with Aragorn Boulanger, and then attended Clonakilty Motion festival, where he was teaching some more workshops on visual effects and movement. I was wondering how the hell can I write up all the information I received from him?

Then something came my way that answered exactly that. Thank you Aragorn for the visual reminder of your workshops 😉 I highly recommend watching in HD if you have the option. I found a lot of the stops and speed changes are too fast for the frame rate to keep up with on my computer, but I know that they were as clean as anything from personal experience…

If you have a chance to attend an Aragorn Workshop, they come highly recommended with the biggest ministry approval I can give them. 🙂 And Aragorn, I promise, video coming soon. I’ve been working hard… 😉

5 thoughts on “Bishop Practice Highlights 2009”

  1. this guys contact juggling must suck? No WAY you could keep a ball on that wiggly insubstantial body!

    PS. Does anyone else comment on these things, or am I just usually the first!

  2. Yeah, I comment sometimes too, it does surprise me how little there usually is before me though. Although I do check the RSS pretty much every day… But this time I’m a few days late and there are comments!

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