Big Balls: Tatiana Konobas

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Oh yeah, I have to not make jokes about big balls. Ok, so this is a girl doing three of those large gym balls, the squishy buy xanax 2mg uk ones, that you supposedly use to build up your core strength, but you actually just roll around on. This I assume Russian Ukrainian, has made a whole act out of rolling around on them, in a graceful way. There’s also some ball spinning, behind the head rolls, antipodism, and acrobatics with the big balls.

It’s always nice to see new props being used with innovative manipulation.
Edit: Updated link 27/10/12, also, here is her FB page.

6 thoughts on “Big Balls: Tatiana Konobas”

  1. What was really great, makes me feel all those wasted day in my childhood were not as wasted

  2. That video made me say “Oh Wow” out loud many times. Probably my new favorite of the stuff on our blog. Thanks MCP, good one.

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