Basketball prodigy

From youtube:

11 year-old baller. Kids in 5th grade and he does stuff serious 12th graders would have trouble with. His mile is ridiculous too, 4:50. What a little beast, I hope to see this kid in the NBA, he’s got the work-ethic, as long as he stays healthy. Also, I apologize on behalf of the most annoying news anchor and reporter ever.

3 thoughts on “Basketball prodigy”

  1. i dont care how much o2 a person can absorb…the ability to naturaly handle multiple objects in different manners is amazing…he could be one fantastic juggler, no doubt. Course then again…if i could chose between NBA pay and juggler pay…i going to be a bballer for sho.

  2. His ball skills are amazing sure but his run speed is astounding. I’d probably cover slightly over half the distance in the time he takes for his mile.

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